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If you are looking where to buy a black light. We have the latest and best handheld black lights on the market today. The #1 best seller is the mini led black light MBL-28 on the right. Special 365nm long wave ultraviolet lamp for most detection. Our ultraviolet lights in most cases will do what the Wood's Lamp is recommended for. We do business with Homeland Security, Social Security Administration and various Law Enforcement Agencies and others.


Well! If you are considering purchasing now, we would highly recommend adding The Black Light Book. We are the publisher of THE BLACK LIGHT BOOK and it is the only book in existence that provides you with the latest information on what Ultraviolet can do for you. Exceptionally written and detailed by Mark Chervenka, long time Antiques enthusiast, author of Antique & Collectors Reproduction News and Spokesperson who has written several titles on identifying fakes and forgeries. It is the completely revised 5th edition of this book.

CLICK HERE for Information and Excerpts

Both professionals and amateurs alike can use ultraviolet lamps to test depression glass, gemstones, pottery repairs, carbon stains on metal; ages of quilts, ivory and more. Black lights can also identify and detect semen and other bodily fluids that naturally fluoresce.  What's more, you can easily spot all these fluoresceble objects -- many of which cannot be detected by the human eye without the use of these black light leds as they will glow in the dark. What does all this mean? It means you'll... Never Be Taken Again!

Sure, many people selling fake or repaired antiques innocently have no idea they're selling a bad product..But with these uv black light products you'll have confidence, knowing with certain that everything you buy (or have) from now on is genuine!!! Can be used to identify counterfeit money. Mark your electronics, computers, jewelry, antique collection with our invisible black light ink pen for security and if stolen for later identification!  Antique and Ebay Sellers beware of dishonest buyers who buy your item and say it was broken in shipping and return a damaged one for yours. Mark those items with our UV Pen and you will be able to verify all returns!

Perfect for night GOLF DISC playing and finding your discs or geocache! FISHERMEN find your fluorescent fishing line and lures while night fishing with our ultraviolet head lamp. Charge your lures with this headlamp.

SOLDIERS, CAMPERS and HOMEOWNERS can light up the desert night hunting and searching their equipment, tent and shoes for SCORPIONS with our MBL-12 or our HL-19 headlamp. The BARK SCORPION, HAIRY DESERT SCORPION and STRIPED TAILED SCORPION fluoresce under uv black light. They are easy to find and get rid of with the aid of a our lights.

Our UV concrete field inspection kit is a must for locating damage to bridges, dams and concrete infrastructure.  Our BIB-150P black light lamp is used to inspect trailers and warehouses for Agriculture, Rodent and Pest Control. Excellent for examining hydrocarbon stains on metals, beaches, etc. The BIB-150P Lamps can be used looking for crude oil from BP oil spill on Southern beaches and wetlands. Click HERE for images of BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill on a Florida Beach.

Identify OLD MILITARY PATCHES, vintage quilts, garments and fabrics made with non synthetic fibers by identifying these with our UV lights. If it glows it is a synthetic fiber.

ARIZONA and SOUTHWESTERN residents can keep their homes clean of scorpions and their families safe by buying one for each family member. Please look at the testimonials (at the top right of this page) from other residents who have used the MBL-28 and other lights.

Find those nasty cat pee stains, pet urine stains, rat feces, bed bugs and even your pet's flea eggs. The blood trails of bed bugs will reveal where they have been or where they are hiding. These black lights will fluoresce all those nasty, hidden organic stains for easy removal of pet odors!

* CLICK HERE-- for a great MBL-9 comment.

* CLICK HERE to see scorpion detected at night with our MBL-28.

* Law and Homeland Security Officials use our lights to check Driver Licenses for illegal and fakes ID'S!

* CLICK HERE to see driver license under UV light.

* CLICK HERE to see actual pet stain captured with our MBL-28.

* Check your cat for Ringworm-A with an ultraviolet light before that expensive visit to your Vet. They will fluoresce -- and locate the ringworm fungus and start your own inexpensive treatment.

* Great for inspecting for repaints on your Hot Wheels - Militaria and other vintage collectibles. Sea glass collectors love the MBL-28 for searching the beaches for vaseline sea glass! Great for Art Collectors . Help identify old oil paintings from new. Identify fakes and repairs!

* Check if your Ruby is genuine. Determine the quality of your gemstones. Detect the fluorescence in your diamonds rubies and other stones. Go gem hunting with our UV-N5F longwave and shortwave black light.

* Medical facilities use them to help identify psoriasis and ticks on patients. School nurses and parents locate head lice on their children. Perfect for charging your glow-in-the-dark items. Lures, frisbees, any phosphor coated items can be recharged

Stop gate and door crashers where UV ink stamps are used for Readmissions. Casinos, Concerts and Social Security Offices for identifiying fake Id's!.

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Liability Disclaimer! The buyer warrants that they will use our UV products in compliance with their local and state laws, as well as federal regulations. In no event shall The Blacklight Shop be held liable for any use or misuse of our UV products. Liability is limited to the replacement or repair of defective components at our sole discretion. By ordering from Sheffo Enterprises Inc. (dba; The Blacklight Shop) via any means, the buyer assures their agreement to these terms, regulations and policies.

WARNING: Ultraviolet Radiation may be harmful to the eyes, avoid direct and strongly reflected exposure. 365nm through 390nm UV LEDs can be considered Class 1M LED Product and considered safe to use without protection. Protective goggles are inexpensive and readily available. Recommended for all shortwave lights.

12 uv led black light magnifier and uv light combination Black Light Book and Tutorial



MBL-12 with Holster
12 UV LED 380nm

More details

Spectronics QS
Magnifier and 2 uv lights and two whites

Longwave 365nm

More details

Blacklight Book Describes many tests for using blacklights

Special Price $15.95 More details

49 uv led black light 

21 uv led head lamp with adjustable headband Forensic Inspection Kit with black light and lens

Model MBL-49
49 UV 380nm LED's

plus Holster
Newly Mfg for mold and stain detecting.etc

More details

Model HL-21
21 UV LED 4-way Head Lamp

More details

Spectronic OFK300
Forensic Inspections
3 Qwik-Connec
Led Lens

More details

holster uv led 365nM black light

Longwave Shortwave Blacklight 

Longwave Shortwave Blacklight 

Model MBL-28 Blacklight

Powerful UV LEDS w/holster #1 Seller
365nm Black light

More details

All Purpose Lamp
More details

230V/50Hz with Euro Plug
More details

Rechargeable and Cordless 365nm Lamp for uv detection

Spectronics B-260 Rechargeable Cordless Handheld 365nM

More details



Blue Light for uv detecting
Spectronics OFK-450
 Blue Light 450nm forensic
kit for evidence detection

More details

Model FL
Night Fishing lamp
Recharge Lures, etc
More details

ASR 260 Ultraviolet Concrete Field Inspection Kit ASR260
Spectronics Ultraviolet Concrete Field  Inspection Kit
More details

Ultraviolet Protective Goggles 375nM uv pocket pen for bank tellers and cashiers

Model UVS-60
Ultraviolet Protective Goggles
More details

Model PP
Pocket UV 375nm Pen.


More details

13 watt 365nM rechargeable blacklight

Bayco UVR-9000
365nm 13watt Bulb
Chargeable Lamp and
UV Goggles Kit

More details

Degerminator Sanitizing Blacklight
UV-C Sanitizing Wand

kills most bacteria and viruses in seconds
More details

Money Currency and Fake ID Card Ultraviolet Detector
CM-10MP is made of molded, high-impact plastic for rugged durability. It features a contoured eyepiece with a built-in UV-absorbing window for safe viewing.

More details

Charger Kit for UVR-13 365nM Lamp

Bayco UVR 9000 Charger
3-pc Charger Kit for
. Lamp not included
More Details

BIB 150P Ultraviolet Lamp for Agriculture, Pest and Warehouse Inspections

Spectronics BIB-150P 150 Watts
For Agriculture, Trailers, Warehouse Pest Inspections

More details

Replacement bulb for BIB150P

Bayco BLE-150BS
Replacement bulb for BIB-150P

More Details


UVR9000 Replacement Bulb

Bayco UVRB
Extra Bulb for
UVR-9000 Lamp

More Details


Spectronic TFK100

100w instant on UV/Blue for high intensity inspection lamp!
More Details

Model 351UVB
2-Way Test Authenticates Currency, Passports, ID's

More Details

Spectronic SP-20 1 Pint Blue Invisible Ink. Non-Toxic. Safe on skin and clothes. $39.95 More Details

UV Invisible Marking Ink Pen


More Details

Rubber Stamp
for Readmission Kits.

Choice of Visitor, Player Friday Saturday Sunday
In Checkout

More Details

Model Tri-Test
Detects the UV-sensitive security thread in denominations of $5 and larger.

Authenticates drivers' licenses, passports, international currencies, credit cards, cashier's checks and more.

More Details

Spectronics Readmission Kit
MBL12-1 Pint uv ink
Stamp Pad and Stamp
More Details