Feedbacks from our customers

Note:  The MBL9 in the testimonials has been replaced by the MBL12. The MBL12 with 12 powerful uv led's has more visible uv fluorescing and better reliability.


I guess you don't need any more I just got done reading all of them on your website...but had to share my story. I have lived in Arizona all my life and have been stung by scorpions big deal right? Most of the time it is no big deal, feels like a bee sting. A little ice and your good to go. But...this year I got stung by a bark scorpion and spent the night in the emergency room and the next two days with a pretty messed up nervous system. I have to say that it was one of the scariest situations I have ever been in. After this experience I knew I had to do something! I found the MBL9 black light on your website, ordered one, and the hunt was on. I was amazed at the number of scorpions I found on my front porch, the walls around my house, the lawn, the ceilings etc. I have not even had my light for a full month and I am up to 62 scorpions that have been found around my house. My husband puts in for hunting every year and never gets drawn to hunt... this light gives him the chance to go hunting every night. Those little suckers can run but they can't hide!!! No exterminating can do the job that this has done for us. THANKS!!! BW

I received the MBL-9 in yesterdays mail. I went out into my back yard last night and much to my surprise I discovered 35 bark scorpions. I have monthly extermination and my exterminator is very thorough. The scorpion is just resistant to ordinary pest control attempts. I plan to go out each night until the population diminishes. I found your website by doing a Google search for portable blacklights.. I have already recommended your light to 2 others and plan to help some of my neighbors to rid their yards of the pests. sincerely, Brian D., Chandler, Arizona.

Thank You
You guys are awesome. My husband is a Alaska State Trooper. I will be sure to pass on your website to them. I look forward to shopping your site again.
Angel R

Thank you Erin!! I received the blacklight flashlight yesterday and it works great! Thank you for exchanging the first flashlight I ordered and for recommending the one you sent me. I should have called you in the first place before I placed the order, but your service is wonderful, I commend you. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again, Sharon W

I recently received my order. Everything was in order and works perfectly. I am completely satisfied with all aspects of the purchase. I will do business here again if I need something you have. I will be happy to steer others to your site. Thank you, Kurt R.

From: Wendell E That's great, Erin. I am glad to add my input to your testimonial page. The pen I have has a yellow top and if you could send the holster and pen this week, I would appreciate it very much. I hate not having my mbl-12 light with me. Let me know when the MBL-49 is in stock anytime after the 3rd of the next month and I will order it. If you do a search on the internet for theblacklightshop, you will find two posts I made on Find's treasure forum about your products or UV light. In Karl Von Mueller's "Treasure Hunting Manual #6 or #7, I can't remember he mentions someone using UV light to find a buried treasure and I think Robert Marx mentions it in one of his books. Thanks a lot. The address below is still correct.

Sept 10, 2010 (email from bakery client) Hi Erin ~ never mind about the tracking # ~ it came in today. Boy, do I love this light! (B-260) Thank-you so much for your recommendation! In fact I love this one so much, in the future, I plan on ordering another one. Thanks again for taking back the flashlights and for all your help identifying what we needed. Have a Great Week-end!! Wylisa E. S

Hello, Thanks for the two books you sent fast - very informative and clear picture examples. I add information to and the topic "Black Light beer cans for touch-ups" has been added. Hoping google will pick up those words in their referral system, so easier for persons to find info. on the subject. Mentioned in the topic is and as you know it has a reference to your store. Thanks for having the service, Bob M. Santa Barbara

Dear Erin: The address is OK. Thanks a lot. You are one of the most professional sellers I have met. Greetings, Luis A

Hi I received my order of the MBL-49 black light, It is the best one I have ever had I use it for detecting repaint on Antique dolls and it works just great with the lights on.. thank you Sara B.

I purchased this flash light from you about 8 months ago. The white battery holder seems to have broken. The flashlight no longer works. Can you sell me the batt holder? I use this for ID check for TSA. It's a great little product. Thank you. I'll wait for your email. John T. Follow-up John was shipped a new battery holder at no charge.

Hi Erin, I received my package in good condition today. Thanks. I have been giving your website out to everybody and your book info, too. Posted it on Finds Treasure Forum, Garrett section. Maybe some of my fellow metal detectors/treasure hunters will be interested in your stuff.

Received the light yesterday afternoon,(3-14-11) thank you. Just wanted to say that this thing does EXACTLY what it's supposed to. I am trying to find spots where my cat has marked and this light is absolutely amazing for this. Thank you! Cindy S. (purchased MBL12)

I received my blacklight flashlight(MBL9). While waiting for your product I purchased blacklight bulb at Lowes and used it with my drop light and extension cord. I didn't find any scorpins. Tonight useing your blacklight flashlight checking the same area I did the other night I sprayed and killed 18 scorpins. In Arizona we have the bark scorpins and they are poisonious. Lately a couple have made it into the house. I think they hiched a ride in a box from the garage. Anyhow I don't want any, espically when my grandbabies come over. I showed the wife how they glowed in the dark with your light. Once she saw how many there were where her flowers and plants are she didn't complain about the price at all. Now I feel I can get a handle on the situation. Thanks, Tom F

We're going to use the headlamp to find trees covered in lichen out in the everglades and do some photography. we live 20 mins from everglades natl park and only recently found out that the different lichens glow different colors under blacklight. amazing.

Erin, You have great customer service, thanks for sticking with me to resolve this. A new cartrige would be worth a try. Go ahead and send me one. What I am seeing is that down in the cylinder of the light the contact is off centered and the cartrige contact point is centered and I don't think they match up good so if the light is waved around the contacts slip off. My paper wedge helps but does not completely solve the problem. Thanks for your help in this matter. You may be getting more orders from my friends and neighbors so they can do their own hunts or I will start charging them per scorpion! Thanks again, Dave

I just returned from a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Your MBL9 black light was a real hit with a lot of guests at Phantom Ranch, while waiting for the telephone at least a dozen were spotted in less than 10 minuets. Sense we were in a National Park the scorpions are not destroyed, but it is nice to know where they are. Would it be possible to build a miniature light like the single LED emergency lights most backpackers have on their packs? Thanks for such a great product! Sincerely, David W.

Wow, wish everyone had your appreciation and gratitude to their costumers. Your professionalism is outstanding. My reason is very simple unfortunately. While fostering kittens my son got ringworm on his head. I will definitely go to your web and see how else I can use the light and respond if I have new ideas. Thanks, Gina

Hi again, Well, I got the other pen so everything's in order. I just wanted to let you know also that a few months ago the museum where I work bought one of your B-260 blacklights (and a pair of UV pens) and we're using it to mark all the museum items. So far it's worked very well. Well, we're doing an inventory of everything in the museum, and to accommodate that, each item in the building is being assigned a specific numeric code. We were marking the items with Sharpie pens before, until we got the blacklight, but now everything is being numbered with the UV pen. Obviously, it's a whole lot less conspicuous. It works well on everything, from metal to wood to textiles. Also, we got The Blacklight Book too, and we're learning about using the blacklight to check properties of glass, fabrics, and other materials. Interesting stuff. Thanks again, Gene

Hello Erin, Just to let you know the items arrived to Holland. Thank you for the smooth transaction and I am looking forward to use them to find scorpions in Costa Rica. Ilona T

Hi Mr. Sharkey, This is In response to your inquiry as to why/ how ordered a blacklight thru your website. It's actually a gift for a neighbor who hunts the flea markets for good jewelry buys for resale. (He hasn't made any money yet but it gives him something fun to do and if he makes even a little money it's a lot of money to him.) He told me how some jeweler used a blacklight to tell if a ruby had been "treated" for color. I could tell by the way he described it, he would like to have a blacklight. He mentioned it has other uses as well. As to why I ordered from you specifically, there's a couple reasons. I used AOL search for portable blacklights. I checked probably 7 or 8 different websites and came back to yours.. I chose you because your web site was friendly and easy to use. You described the products well. (I chose the little one because that way he could have it with him when he, unexpectedly, comes across something.) Another important reason for me is I liked that the price included shipping so I knew the total cost right off the bat. So often, the "hidden" shipping costs are way out of line. So I liked the honesty of that price....and it was affordable. The final reason is you accept pay pal so it made ordering for me quick and easy. All in all, I felt good about purchasing from you and I look forward to giving this as a gift. I know he's going to be very excited about it. Thank you. I hope this answer is of help. Cordially, Roxanne

Bill. I went to xxxxx, then put a search through for "Ultraviolet blacklights" and your was one of the websights that showed up. My cat has ringworm and this seems to be the cheapest way of moitoring the cat(s) progress as well as making sure that I dont catch it. You should advertise under that heading. Something like Cats and Ringworm-A Inexpensive Daily Check-up.
Follow me? Because the Vet charges you everytime you walk in the door and it can get expensive! Also, you may catch it earlier at home with frequent checkups with the light. We didnt find out until the cat started losing hair, by then it was too late. Thanks again, Rob.

I recently stumbled upon your website, purely by accident thanks to the good people at Google, and it was the best mistake I have ever made! I am a Grad student and I live with a roommate. Though my laptop is brand new I noticed the battery would hold a full charge one moment and then other times, no matter how long I charged the battery, it would die within minutes. I had reason to suspect my roommate was swapping my battery with the one from her older computer. You website gave me the idea to write my name on the back of the battery with the invisible ink marker to see if she really was doing this. The next day, my battery wouldn’t hold a charge and I confronted her (with my new black light in hand) and proved she was taking my battery. You have a customer for life and I have already been raving to my friends and family about it. The prices are unbeatable and the product really works! Thanks a bunch!

Hi Bill,
Thank you very much for shipping so fast. I really appreciate it. I found your website by doing a xxxxxx search for "blacklight". After looking at the websites, I found that you had the best price, free shipping and that you were located in the next state to me so shipping would probably be faster. I'm an antiques dealer and I need this portable blacklight to inspect items for cracks, repairs and restorations in the field. If you have a testimonial page tied to your website, I would be glad to recommend you. Please let me know.
Thanks, Michael

Bill, We are using the black lights for contanimation areas to assure cleanliness--bathrooms, cafeterias, kitchens and even our pest control uses them. I searched the internet to find black lights and yours was the best site I came across and the comments from other customers gave us assurance that our needs would be met. Thanks for letting me know about the delayed shipment and for letting me know the exact day they did ship. Your service so far is A number 1. The exact comments on your web site from other satisfied customers. Again, Thanks Jennifer

Hello This is my third order for the mbl9 from you. It will be used as a birthday gift. I have had great success hunting scorpions during the last 4 months. About 115 so far. As my neighbor says, it gets addictive after awhile. Harvey


Hi Bill, I would simply like to take this opportunity to inform you that my "MBL9 UV black Light" is simply amazing. I own a crime scene cleaning company in Canada and this item is perfect for final inspection. Thank you. Christian

Hi Bill, I googled for handheld blacklight to detect germs, after seeing one on the The Tonight Show. Jay Leno gave one to a guest who was a little bit germophobic, so she could take it with her when traveling to check out the comforter in the hotel rooms. I always wanted to be able to do that, because of the stories I've heard that they don't wash the comforters very often in most hotels. Also, after checking my own bathroom, which I had just cleaned or so I thought, I can only imagine what I'll find in a hotel. With free shipping, your site had the best price. Thanks for the fast shipment. Irene

Hello Bill I am impressed with the fast shipment! I received the 19 uv LED blacklight headlamp that I ordered. It works great, just perfect for the work I do. I paint "starscapes" on people's ceilings with a special phosphorescent paint that is invisible in the light. So i use a blacklight wand to do the paintings. I found your web site doing a google search for blacklights. This uv headlamp works fantastic, leaving my hands free to paint without holding the larger wand type blacklight. This headlamp I bought from you makes it easier for me to climb the ladder in the dark as well. I will pass this info on to other Starscape Artist as well. Thanks again, Darlene xxxx

Hi Bill, The first light just did not work, but I received your second one and it works wonderfully! I will pass your websute on to family and friends. You are great and I appreciate your business and personal service, it is so hard to find that! Danette

Hello Thanks for the flashlight. I ordered it to hunt for scorpions around my house, although I haven't found any yet (I recently killed off the latest batch it seems while hunting with my larger blacklight), the flashlight looks to be just as bright as the other light I was using but more convenient to carry. I found your website by searching in google "LED blacklight". I wanted LED specifically to save on bulb costs/life and was searching for a standard AA or AAA powered light. What you carry was perfect for my needs. The only thing I could ask for more would be a true flashlight style LED blacklight where you could adjust the beam and make it more intensely focused. The price was just right though! thanks again Wade

Hi Bill We found your site by doing a search on google for “black light”. You had exactly what we were looking for – a portable hand-held black light. We market an up and coming one of a kind glow in the dark energy drink called RADIOACTIVE ENERGY , and the can glows in the dark after it is charged in the light, or under a black light. We will be taking these handheld blacklights to all kinds of events – from red carpet events, to investor seminars, to table displays of our product. It makes a big impact when the can actually glows right in front of our audience. Thanks so much, we just received them today and they are awesome!! Sarah Curran Executive Secretary Holness Marketing Group

Hi Bill, I believe I found your site through google under black lights". I work in the Security department at Six Flags and we use ultraviolet ink for our re-admission stamps. Most hand held lights that are affordable are too weak to be useful. This mbl4 light works much better than most, even during the daytime. Right now we have a fixed light on a pedestal and the ones I purchased from you are primarily backup lights or when we need to open more gates. One complaint...they are too "cute". Our first one was laid down for "just a minute" and it was gone. This is the third I have purchased from you and I appreciate the quick response I have received on my orders. Thanks and have a great day! Bill W

I bought a BL-6 from you a while ago. I just used it today to find the exact source of a small gas leak on my car. Pep Boys and other places sell dye that you can add to gasoline, engine oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant to find leaks. They also sell a way-overpriced UV light for about $80 to go with the dye. I'd already replaced the o-rings that seal the fuel injectors to the fuel rail under the assumption that they were leaking, since I noticed a slight amount of gas on one of the fuel injectors. But that did not fix the problem, since I continued to smell gas in the area of the fuel rail. Did I not install the o-rings correctly, or are the fuel injectors themselves leaking? The $10 BL-6 worked just fine to find the answer. I added the dye to the gas tank, drove the car to work and back, and when I got home, in a dark garage I shined the size="4" color="blacklight at the fuel injectors. I could clearly see that the same fuel injector was leaking. In addition, I found another fuel injector that was leaking. The size="4" color="blacklight showed that the o-rings were not the cause of the leak (no dye under the o-rings) AND it showed that there is more than one leaking injector! Without the use of a blacklight and the UV dye, it might have been next to impossible to determine whether the leak was the o-ring or the injector. I wish I would have thought to use it before I replaced the o-rings! -Brian

This light blows all the others I've used away. I spotted 3 scorps last night in high grass at least 8ft from me with it. I use it just like I would a regular flash light, no more holding the lights 1ft off the ground to find things. Do you know how long these lights hold up(not the batteries) but the led lights themselves? Bobby

Hello Bill, In response to where I found your site, I used search engine, ASK JEEVES. Type in blacklights and your company was one of the companies the site provided. Bill I am the Executive Rooms Manager for the DFW Marriott Courtard Region/Chase Hospitality. I am planning to use this device during the inspections of our hotel rooms.

Hi Bill, I received the blacklight and it works great. I have not found any scorpions yet and that is a good sign as several months ago I got bit by one that had gotten into the house and ended up in the pocket of a pair of my pants that was hanging in the closet. When I put them on and was tucking in my shirt it nailed me on the finger. Could have been worse. Anyway, it required a trip to the emergency room. With the blacklight hopefully I will be able to find these aggressive little pests before they find me. Thanks for the help and the quick delivery. Bob.

Received it today 10/25. This is my second purchase of your light. My 4 year-old son broke the first one. I am using it to hunt scorpions and I have caught over 150 in a little over 2 months. Thanks..Peter

Bill, I forgot which website i found the blacklight from but i did do a google search and compared this blacklight at many sites and yours seemed to be the best deal when comparing shipping and price. I'm giving this as a gift for my 9 year old son who will use this for many things. Looking at bugs, painting his room, etc.. Also, I recieved it today which is very fast shipping. Thanks, I'm very satisfied!!!!!!sTEVE

Hi Bill: I did a Google search to find your site. I usually try several phrases with " + " to zero in on my target. I believe I started with black light bulbs", tried black light + art" and blacklight + flashlights" I found about 3 or 4 pages with the size model you sell. You had the best price plus the book offer. I will use the light to analyze art work repairs. I'm giving the book and other blacklight to my Dad as a gift. He will use it in his antique business.

Bill; I found your site by “google-ing” and there you were. I will be using the black light to identify fluorescence additives in fine printing paper. The more fluorescence used the more the paper “glows”. By the way, I gave the black light I bought from you last week to a friend and have just purchased another. I will be giving your web site address to my colleagues as well as the attendees of the educational programs I deliver nationally on a variety of topics one of them being Paper Making and Printing, etc. Hope that is helpful. daniel dejan National Print and Creative Specialist

Bill- Thanks for the shipping info!! And to answer your questions...If I trust my memory I googled blacklight" and then looking at my browser history I verified that I used your site. The ease of paying you with paypal was a big hit. My use is for the pesky urine spots from the plethora of dogs that seem to trapse thru my house (I run a small and private rescue). I hope that helps. If you have any further questions I would be happy to answer :) Toodles and thanks again for the extra step of customer service with this email!! Kind regards...megan p.s. I did start my search for this blacklight on eBay but then did a price comparison with some of the sites that I googled and you won out. Your price was by far the best of all I saw. Megan

Bill: I just wanted to thank you for sending the replacement battery covers for my blacklight - I received the earlier this week. I really appreciate the excellent customer service that you have provided. Please feel free to place any of my correspondence on your website as testimonial from a truly satisfied customer! Thanks again. Ron Rizzo

I received the sblacklights in a very timely manner...Thank you! I found your website by Googling "blacklights". Also, the blacklights will be used in undercover investigations. Items will be marked with UV pens and later (when seized/recovered) postively identified as the exact same items verified via blacklight. Thanks again for the great service!


Bill, I purchased the lights from the website. I found it when I did a search for “portable black light”. We are a manufacture of labels and we put clear coatings over our labels. We add UV brighteners to our coatings so that we can see them under a black light to make sure we are coating our labels evenly. I use portable black lights for viewing labels when they are not in the pressroom. I did not look at your other models yet but I may have applications for them on our press lines. Pat

Hi Bill, thanks for getting the pen to me so quickly, I use blackLIGHT / UV for doing magic tricks...I'm a professional magician , been one for over 25 years...if you ever saw David Blaine or Chris Angel on TV , you've seen my work as I am a tech. /magic consult for both...blacklight is becomming THE rage for the young street magicians... so I'm working up some new tricks...I will be using your shop as my supplier...and if I may, can I send others your way ?.....thanks again for the quick service George B

Morning Bill, Your blacklight site was recommended on the e-bay Discussion Board, "Pottery Glass and Porcelain".I use the blacklight to check for cracks or repairs in pottery, and to check items before photographing for auctions...The camera picks up more than the eye...and the blacklight reveals any flaws or dirt that might show up in the photos.I also use the blacklight pen to mark my items before shipping. It just tends to keep the honest people more honest, and the dishonest away from my auctions...Thanks for the great sale on the 6" blacklight, and I'll be back again to re-stock my pens and smaller light. C.Ann

Bill, I'd be glad answer your questions. I found your site using xxxxxx. You were on the first page in the search results. I think I used "black light" for the search. The light is for my daughter who has ring worm on her arm and is going to use it to find where it may have come from on her clothing, bedding, etc. or where it may have spread so that she can clean those items that need it, to keep it from spreading.............Gordon

Bill, I did a xxxxxx search for 'hand held black light' and yours was the first listed result. I did look around for other sources, including amazon, but I liked doing business with Bill Sharkey of Texas better than doing MORE business with I just moved a few months ago and one of my two cats has been peeing on the carpet of a bedroom we are not using. I did another google search for 'cat pee on carpet' from whence I learned of the black light, Nature's Miracle, and possible causes for my orange kittie's unacceptable behavior. Thanks for shipping my light sooo fast! It does feel like an emergency to us. I wish you happy holidays, a healthy and peaceful life and every success in your business. LEsley

Hi Bill, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. The order came in quickly, I am impressed with the service. I bought the blacklight for Mark for Christmas. He is a WWI military collector and will be using it to detect modern alterations and fakes. I checked out a few places and your prices beat all. The fact that the turnaround was so quick I am happy I chose you. We will recommend you to others and as we have contact with many other collectors and dealers we will be sure to pass on your information. Thank you again. Suzi xxx Happy Holidays

Hi Bill I was so frustrated with not being able to find anyone in Manitoba who could tell me where to buy a black light that I resorted to going to one chat room on & one on On both sites (at different times) your name came up as the person to order black lights from so you do have a following out there! I dabble in antiques as a hobby so want the light for detecting repairs, cracks etc. in china as well as to detect uranium in some types of glass. I am also looking forward to the book as I am sure it will give me lots of tips.I can't thank you enough for your fantastic service and believe me, I will be recommending you at any shows I do! Donna

Someone posted a link on a hotwheels message board. It is good for telling repaints on hotwheels. Thanks Ed

Hi Bill. This is Randall. I greatly appreciate the "upgrade" that you have given to me on my purchase. I found your website in a Google search for blacklights. I am going to school for an engineering degree and one of my classes requires a blacklight as a tool. It will be used to test for defects in the manufacturing process of metals. It will also be of great help in identifying different types of corrosion or external metal defects. Of all of the blacklight dealers I have found, your website seems to have the most reasonable prices. Once again thank you for your graciousness and I hope this information is helpful to you. Randall

Hi Bill, Thank you for your prompt attention to my request. It took me a while to get around to ordering from you after I located your site so I can track the history of the search any longer. All I can tell you is that I went through Gxxxxx. I do virtually everything through Gxxxxx. I am an appraiser of fine art and antiques. I am currently working on an unsigned portrait, probably English, of a woman in a black dress, white lace color, gray hair pulled back and spectacles. They are the problem. They don’t look right. I think they were added much later by someone defacing the painting the way kids draw glasses and black out teeth on photos and posters and such. So I am hoping that looking under black light will provide some clues. I still have to do some costume research and compare that result with the specs to see if they are compatible in date. Again, I don’t think that they are. The light will also be useful in spotting repairs and restorations on many objects. I hope that this is somewhat helpful. Thank you again for your attention to my order. Susan

Hi Bill, Thank you so much for your promptness in filling my order. I did a Google search and you had the best deal. I have a weird cat and when she gets stressed she pees (or sprays) in places other than her litter box. Also, since I live in the desert, we get bark scorpions. The blacklight will also be fun to use looking at minerals. Can't wait to get it. Thanks again. Barbara

Bill : Here's the link to the website I found the blacklight and pen on . I bookmarked the page 6 months ago. I will use the pen to mark all items I ship to ebay customers ( Antiques, Collectibles, Toys, and Beanie Babies ). I have had a few instances where people have returned items that were not what I sent out, but it would have been very hard to prove otherwise. With "my mark" on items, it will help to keep people honest.
My Thanks to you Bill.

Hi Bill I can't remember where I found your site, but it was under an XXX Search Engine. I started to look after I found out that XXXCo wanted $29.99 for it in their stores. I am using it to detect pet stains. Thanks for the quick service and great communication.

Just wanted to let you know my flashlight arrived at my home in Los Altos, CA, in no time last Saturday. Thanks for the quick delivery. I found your site using a popular search engine. I'm probably not your usual customer for this item, but that may change. I 'needed' it for a sport called Geocaching, which is a treasure hunt with the use of a GPS. Close to my house, someone placed a Geocache that one can only find with the help of a blacklight. It is a very small item hidden in a tree coated with a color that shines in blacklight. We still needed 3 pairs of eyes and 30 minutes looking around the tree before we found it. But without blacklight it would've been impossible. The flashlight I bought from you did the job! Thanks. Philippe

Dear Mr. Sharkey: Thank you very much for your email. We did receive the black light but have not yet used it. Thank you very much for sending it out so quickly. I work for Christie's Education, a graduate school affiliated with Christie's Auction House in New York City. We have a Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market Program and the black light will come in handy when examining works of art in our classes. I found your site by searching for "black light" on Thanks again, Margaret XXXXXX Administrator Christie's Education, New York

Bill, I'm not sure how I found your website, but I'm pretty sure it came up while searching on xxxxxx. Thank you for your very rapid turnaround time!
Looking forward to future business! Luke

Hello thank you for quick shipment. your link was on eBays glass & china question board, someone had asked where they could find one of these lights & yours was one of the links that other members had left. Regards, Janet

Hi Bill, I'm a jeweler by trade and intend to use the lamp not only for detecting fluorecense in diamonds but in other gemstones as well. Combined with a Chelsea filter and polariscope a UV lamp is essential for narrowing the field when it comes to determining the variety of some stones (pink sapphire vs. pink tourmaline vs. pink spinel, for example, or blue topaz vs. indicolite tourmaline vs. blue spinel vs. blue sapphire). It also helps to identify certain treatment procedures used, such as fracture filling (glass type or resin type) and oiling (in emeralds), to determine whether opals are solid, doublets or triplets, and to determine if pearls are natural or cultured. I have a larger, desk-sized lamp that I use when working in my office, but I am now working with a goldsmith at his store and he often takes in stones of questionable origin, so I decided a portable lamp would be useful in helping him to identify these mystery stones :) Oh - it will also be great for figuring out the colors of "non-activated" glow bracelets for my kids, so they can choose their colors without activating them all, LOL! I will let you know when it arrives, and am looking forward to using it! Amy

I found your site by useing xxxxxx searh engine and I am useing it to make flourescent minerals glow.. Richard

Thanks for the notice. To tell the truth, I don't remember exactly how arrived at your site. I did a search for "black light" and found several sources. Many seemed to offer the same items, and I think I chose yours because of price, or free shipping, or something of the sort. Your taking Paypal was also a big plus, maybe even the deciding factor. I intend to use the light to examine antique porcelain doll heads for cracks or repairs, and their bodies for patches, repainting and similar repairs and restoration.

Dear Mr. Sharkey: I found the website by using the search engine of Microsft Internet explorer which I believe is xxxxxx. I work for a small manufacturing company called xxxxxxxx,Inc. We are a niche market company that does business primarily with poultry feed manufacturers and poultry drug manufactures. You may be interested to know that these 12 hand held UV's will most likely be sent to Brazil. We are developing business with xxxxx there. One of the ingredients of our product shipped to Brazil is called curcumin AKA Turmeric, it is a food grade coloring agents which is most popular in Indian food (from India). This flourences under black light and will help our customer to identify our product after retrieval by xxxxxxx xxxxxx control personnel. I cannot at this time predict how much we will order in the future, we may order just a few or perhaps a hundred at a time. If you are curious about our company maintain a website at TF

Because we do deal in Military antiques, there may be interest on your side as well. All help is appreciated both ways, I am sure. Thanks for thinking of us. The book I ordered is quite good, and very informative for both myself and Barbara. Regards, Gary

Bill, Recieved black light and book today - only 2 days after ordering. Your prompt E-mail confirming receipt of my order and same day shipping was most appreciated as this was my first ever web purchase. Found your site via Google search for personal florescent UV light and intend to use it to examine antique collectibles,especially stoneware. Do have one question however. Book is for use of long wave light but tube in unit is marked "SB-4W". Is this a long or short wave bulb? Thanks,Fran

Dear Mr. Sharkey: Thank you very much for your email. We did receive the black light but have not yet used it. Thank you very much for sending it out so quickly. I work for Christie's Education, a graduate school affiliated with Christie's Auction House in New York City. We have a Modern Art, Connoisseurship and the History of the Art Market Program and the black light will come in handy when examining works of art in our classes. I found your site by searching for black light" on Thanks again

Hi Bill, I had a really good feeling that Bill Sharkey was the person to go to for the UV pen and black-light flashlight--and now I know my intuition was right! I'm glad to know you're willing to help with research regarding UV, because I have some unanswered questions. Maybe what I should do is send you the paragraphs dealing with UV so you can review them for accuracy and fill in the gaps where I'm unsure. I would like to do a little experimenting with your pen when it arrives, so maybe in a couple of weeks I could send you the blurb with my questions. Would that be all right? Kind regards, Jude

You asked me to let you know when I received my order, and I did and in good condition. You also asked me how I would be using your product. I own and operate a crime and trauma cleaning company, I remove and dispose of bio-hazard material, the light will help me see how good of a job I did or didn't do. Thank you for your speedy service. BIO-SWEEP

Thank you for the notification. I learned of your website by doing a google search for 'portable blacklight'. The intended uses are more so for pleasure than anything, as I will use it mainly for Geocaching ( to seek out blacklight activated geocaches. I also plan to use it from time to time with my son in the desert looking for scorpions. I'm sure other uses will come to mind in the near future, but those are the immediate ones. Also, I will make sure to let you know when the light is received. Regards, Brian

A friend collects vaseline glass and didn't know it fluoresces under UV light. I was looking for one to give her as a gift and when I found your site I decided to get one for myself as well because the price was so reasonable. (I saw an antique shop owner use one so that's how I knew they existed in the first place.} My friend thinks she may have mice in her garage too, so I printed out your article on applications to send along with the flashlight when I send it to her. I didn't know it could find rodent urine prior to reading your article. I figure having the flashlight may help her to decide where to set the traps as well as to check the authenticity of her thrift store finds! Thanks again. Carol

Bill, Recieved black light and book today - only 2 days after ordering. Your prompt E-mail confirming receipt of my order and same day shipping was most appreciated as this was my first ever web purchase. Found your site via xxxxxx search for personal florescent UV light and intend to use it to examine antique collectibles,especially stoneware. Do have one question however. Book is for use of long wave light but tube in unit is marked "SB-4W". Is this a long or short wave bulb? Thanks,Fran

Bill. I went to xxxxx, then put a search through for "Ultraviolet blacklights" and your was one of the websights that showed up. My cat has ringworm and this seems to be the cheapest way of moitoring the cat(s) progress as well as making sure that I dont catch it. You should advertise under that heading. Something like Cats and Ringworm-A Inexpensive Daily Check-up.
Follow me? Because the Vet charges you everytime you walk in the door and it can get expensive! Also, you may catch it earlier at home with frequent checkups with the light. We didnt find out until the cat started losing hair, by then it was too late. Thanks again, Rob.

Hi Bill, Thank you for letting me know that my order shipped.
I found your Web site (among others) when I did a xxxxxx search for blacklight "Why my interest in black light? It is a semi-long story. My wife is a collector of old lamps and other antiques, purchased mainly at auctions and antique shows. Over the years antique collecting has grown on me too. On occasion, Nancy sells an item she no longer wants. I do some buying and selling for her on eBay. A few days ago I posted a “19th century” kerosene lamp on eBay, and got an inquiry from a prospective buyer who said that our lamp could be 19th century or a 1920s reproduction. He asked that I do a black light test. I am a retired professor of physical chemistry, and I understand how UV affects some metal ions in glass (manganese in this case), so I got interested, did a Google search, and bought the black light and book from you. I wanted fast shipment so I could have the result (yellow-green glow if 19th century) before the eBay auction ends. After reading the book, we will be taking our black light to antique shows and auctions, such as one in Indianapolis this coming Saturday. Live and learn. Adam

Thank's Bill for the note.. I found your ad here: /
Work's great for vaseline glass. Gloria

Hi Bill. Thanks for the prompt shipment. I came out to the Arizona desert, bought 2 1/2 acres and carved out enough to put a home on and left the other as it was. As a result we are visited by a lot of desert creatures including scorpions. The scorpions are noted for sneaking into homes. I bought the light so that hopefully we can keep an occasional check on them. So far we have not seen any inside but have seen several outside in the yard.  Also I think it would be fun to see them at night in their own habitat. I understand that a black light can be used for a large variety of other things. I hope this light is large enough to serve the purpose for which it was purchased. I found your site when I went to xxxxxx and entered "black light".


Actually, my dad sent me a link to your website ( as a hint for a Christmas gift for him. I don't know exactly what he is going to use the blacklight for, but he deals in antiques and old pocket watches so I think it may be used for that.
Thanks Julia

I did a search using xxxxxx and found a lot of blacklights for sale and picked your site to purchase. We are using the blacklight for coating inspection. The blacklight will detect the presence of oil/hydrocarbon contamination on the surface of steel.
Jerry Hardenbergh

I searched hand held black light on xxxx search engine. You were the second one.
And I am using it for antiques and glassware. Thanks for your response. It was very personal.

Hello Mr. Sharkey,
It is good to hear that the light is in the mail. I found your site by using xxxxxx and searching for hand held black light. I play disc golf with a bunch of friends here in Austin, TX. With daylight savings in affect we lose an hour of sunlight. Sun sets at 6pm instead of 7 here. We get off work around 5pm and lose a lot of our discs right at 6 (due to poor visibility.) So, we found out they make glow-in-the-dark discs. With the hand held black light we can charge up the discs, chunck them to the wind and still be able to see them in the dark. I was stunned to find that a hand held light existed. I had to have it once I saw it. If it catches on around the disc golf course I will send them to your site.

Have a good one.
Robert W.

I don't really remember how I got your to your website. but I;m glad I did. I just searched for a blacklight flashlight and saw it.  My husband plans to use the light to test his old Aladdin lamps and vaseline glass.  Donna

Hi Bill,

I received the shipment yesterday. Thank you very much for the prompt shipping. I did a search on xxxxxx for "portable uv flashlight." Among the results, I found that your website, ", had the best price for the kind of UV light that I was looking for. I bought it more as a toy than for any serious, professional pursuits.


Hi Bill,

I did a search on xxxxxx for "ultraviolet flashlight", as I remember, and your site came up. I wanted it for identifying lichens by their fluorescence under ultraviolet light. Did you ever think of that as one use for your flashlight? Kate

Mr. Sharkey,
I misplaced my notes, but I think the web page was I found your web page with I am happy to explain the use of this new blacklight that I purchased.
I work for a chemical company and we sell various cleaning products. Most of my applications are soiled metal surfaces where the soil is mostly oil to prevent rusting. We clean the metal so the paint will adhere and there will be less tendency to rust. If we don't do a good job cleaning, the trace amounts of oil on the surface can be seen with a blacklight. Our lab coworkers have used this technique for many years, and I don't know if there is a specific wavelength or intensity of light that is required. Their black light is 120VAC and was very expensive. I just received my light and have not yet tested. If you have any information on this subject please let me know. If this becomes a viable method for quick and easy testing at our customer sites, we may purchase several more blacklights for the sales/service force.
Thank you for your assistance. I hope this light will work for this application.

xxxxxxxxxx -xxxxxxx Chemicals

Thanks Bill. We are using the lights to show our printing capabilities with security inks. The samples are white, until lit when they reveal different designs. 
Thanks again,
Marketing Specialist
xxxxxxxxx, Inc

Hi Bill:
The shipment arrived Dec. 26. Everything seems fine. To answer your questions:
First I found you at by plugging blacklight into the general search. Secondly, I am antiques dealer and will be using the blacklight to search for old glass and repairs in particular. One will go to my partner, a couple to other dealer friends, and the rest I will put in my booths for resale.
Happy New Year Bill.

Hi Bill, Thanks for the quick shipping. We did a xxxxxx search for "blacklight" and found your site. We have a couple of new kittens that have some ringworm that we're trying to clear up. Ringworm is not a worm but a fungus related to athlete's foot. It glows green under blacklight so we can tell if we're getting rid of it. Thanks, Eva

Bill, I found your site using xxxxx search by typing in blacklight. I intend to use this item to look for Pet Stains in my carpet. Thank you.........Jay

On, one of the first sites listed on xxxxxx keywords +blacklight +flashlight We have a 17 year old cat who is not very well. She has been missing using the litter box thus doing our carpet. Altho its been cleaned, it would be nice to spot the areas where she continues and where the cleaner has missed. We understand this light will do the job......Chuck

Thanks, I found your site with search. We are going to a blacklight party and they are having a scavenger hunt and all the clues are in special blacklight paint. Thanks again.

Dear Sir, We found your site using Copernic program, basic version using search parameters of "blacklight flashlight" Initial search was just to see what they cost as it was considered something cool. Coolness also was a major factor in purchase, but we also have 4 cats and 1 dog, so finding that sometimes elusive urine smell in the carpet was also 'cost justification' for getting this cool item.
Have a great day. Dorothy

Bill.....I cannot remember the site that I found it on but this is the add that I saw. I found the site through an xxxxxxxx search. My husband Rob and I prospect for gold as a living and we make natural nugget jewellery out of it...We have heard that the area we are in has natural gemstones and I read an article where you can use the black light for looking for gemstones at night..hence the reason for the blacklights.... Thank you again for your great service and I will let you know when they arrive.

Hi Bill....thanks for the quick shipment. I did a search on xxxxxx for "hand held black lights". I am a collector of WW2 militaria and will use the light to help identify the plethora of fakes that are sold as originals........ Jim

Bill....Thanks very much for your quick response and shipment  I found your web site using xxxxxx. I will primarily be using the blacklight with mineral and gem samples althogh one of my sons wants to use it on a trip to the Grand Canyon to spot scorpions as well!

Hello’.I found your site by doing a xxxxxx search for ultraviolet light. I bought the light for my son, who is studying fluorescence in rocks and minerals. He is also doing a presentation for his class on counterfeit currency detection and will use it do demonstrate the fluorescent bands in the $5, $10 bills, etc. I was glad to find your site as this is a “hard to find” item, especially in the 6” size.
Robin xxxxxxxxx M.D.

Hi Bill....I found you on xxxxxx. I searched for "+urine +blacklight", and possibly had +cat in there as well.  I did several searches, so I'm not positive of that. Anyway, we have a cat that has caught sight of an outdoor cat coming around the house, plus he's fighting with the newest edition to the house. We've sprayed the enzyme stuff all the places we know he pee'd, but obviously haven't found them all. Hoping your light will "shed some new light" on where the remaining smell is coming from.  GREAT price, btw... that's what sold me. I was already resigned to buying a similar looking model for $13.95, but hadn't gone back to that site yet. Saw yours, and suddenly didn't need to go back.

I found the blacklight on <>
I plan to use it to locate puppy urine so I can utilize an enzymatic cleaner more effectively. Thanks,

Dr. Tess xxxx, PhD, RN, CNOR

Bill: Thank you for the update on my order. I will use the blacklight to check the originality of signatures on oil paintings, as I have a small art gallery. I found your site through xxxxxx. Best regards, John Wxxxxxx

Hi Bill,
I found your website on Google while searching for blacklight flashlight. I'm working as a bouncer in a night club and blacklight flashlight might help me in recognizing fake I.D.s. So I thought I'll give it a try.
xxxxxxx (Stan)

Hi Bill......Thanks for the fast shipment. I had found a reference on a petstore site to using blacklight to locate cat urine and then used xxxxxx to find a good offer on a light. I thought maybe I can check the bathroom floor after my son & husband too.
Tjamls Edith

Hello Bill.....We plan on using them to detect flourescent dye that has been applied to packages. Do you also sell replacement Fluorescent lightbulbs for these units?, IF So, how much are they in packages of 12?
Kevin xxxxxxx
Vice President
xxxxxxx Protective Coatings, Inc.

Thank you. for your fast shipment

Actually, I have a different intention for the blacklight. I am a medical physicist and I consult with many radiology departments to help them improve their safety and image quality.blacklights are very useful for seeing dust in darkrooms and defects on x-ray screens. I need a small, portable one. If this works well, I will certainly tell my clients,colleagues and students...........Carl

Mr. Sharkey, all I can tell you is that documents like passports/INS cards/drivers license can be identified as whether they are valid or fraudulent by the use of a blacklight. Almost every Social Security office uses one to detect certain fake documents. And thank you for expressing your appreciation for our agency and the people who work hard each day to provide what we like to refer to as; world class service......Anonymus

Hi Bill,
I used xxxxxxx and looked up "invisible marker pen" and your site was one of several. But your prices were the best. I'm using it to mark computer parts and then I can identify the return parts with a blacklight....Thanks Edward